The Relaxed Mind: Deep Your Meditation Practice

Class 1: Meditations 1-4

When & Where

APRIL 4 - MAY 2, 2019
Thursdays, 7:00-8:30 pm
Location: Boston Center for Contemplative Practice, 796 Beacon Street, Newton Center MA 02459
Led by teachers Jim Rosen and Susan Ryan
Recommended for both beginning and experienced students.


Suggested Donation: $100 for general attendees; $150 for supporting attendees; $50 for students and those with financial hardship

Participants are encouraged to attend most classes in person, but can attend via video-conference when necessary. Audio recordings will be available to participants.

Readings from The Relaxed Mind by Kilung Rinpoche. Participants are encouraged to purchase the book.

Class Description

This five-week class culminates in two evening classes taught in person by Kilung Rinpoche on May 7th and 8th (separate registration for additional two evenings). We will learn and practice a series of meditations developed by a modern day meditation master, Kilung Rinpoche and presented in his book The Relaxed Mind. These meditations come from of a tradition which has been developed over thousands of years and like freshly baked bread, passed from person to person. While refreshingly simple and well suited for busy westerners, these meditations remain true to the essence of this tradition — bread baked from the same yeast.

Each class offers meditation instruction, guided meditation, and discussion. There will be readings between classes from The Relaxed Mind by Kilung Rinpoche.

This class will cover the first four of the meditations from The Relaxed Mind:

  1. Basic Sitting – Joining Body and Mind: Experiencing our physical body as the support and foundation for meditation, we gently join our body with mental awareness.

  2. Calm Abiding: Using an object of attention to free ourselves from the disturbances of thoughts and to reach a state of calm and stability.

  3. Refined Basic Sitting: Calm evolves into clarity, relaxation, energy, and inspiration, providing a bridge to the experience of insight.

  4. Insight Meditation: Seeing beneath the surface to the nature of all phenomena, with clarity and insight we understand things as they really are (vipassana).

These meditations create a solid foundation for ongoing meditation practice and for connecting to calmness, relaxation, inspiration, and spaciousness of body and mind.

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