How do you separate the signal from the noise and make wise decisions?

How do you work with others in a way that creates alignment and builds relationships?

How do you ride the rollercoaster of start-up life?

I draw on experience that spans the breadth of both the business and the contemplative worlds. I’m an MIT graduate and a serial entrepreneur who has built two successful startups. In parallel with this, I  have been practicing, studying, and teaching meditation for decades. 

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Leadership Coaching

In this rapidly changing world you always need to grow as a leader. Coaching is a partnership to help you identify what they need next to help you move towards what you want.

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360 Degree Reviews

We don’t see ourselves as others do and it’s hard to get feedback, especially as we get more and more responsibility. 360 Degree Reviews are a powerful way to get reliable feedback.

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Team Coaching

Teams are the lifeblood of an organization — the basic units of getting things done. Increasing team effectiveness is one of the most powerful levers to improve business outcomes.

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Meditation Group

The group is called The Relaxed Mind. The approach to meditation is refreshingly simple and designed for busy westerners. Join a community of peers dedicated to practicing meditation and bringing their practice off the cushion and into the workplace.

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with these companies.

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Relaxed Mind Meditation Group

How do you get stuff done and do some good in this world without going crazy? We are a community of meditators with a special interest in taking mindfulness into our life and workplaces. Our approach is refreshingly simple and designed for busy westerners. Rather than approaching meditation as yet another project, this approach works with relaxation, mindfulness, and compassion as a path to cultivate your natural wakefulness.